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A surprising key to unlocking the electric vehicle market: Utilities

One increasingly important – and perhaps unexpected – leader in the quest to figure things out may be your local electric power utility. Utilities are starting to see how the flexibility of electric vehicles can turn them into an asset for making the grid more efficient and profitable.

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Quibbles over the perfect way to measure black carbon emissions from ships are keeping us from commonsense moves to control them

Without regulation, it’s unlikely that the international maritime shipping sector will voluntarily find ways to cut black carbon emissions, despite the climate benefit. Thus, we need to move on from quibbling about the “perfect” measurement method and start debating the opportunities to cut black carbon control emissions. But we must move quickly. Because the Arctic we’re aiming to protect can’t keep its cool much longer.

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Euro VI for Brazil: A clear path for cleaner skies

In early February, CETESB announced new phases for Brazil’s vehicle emission standards for HDVs, LDVs, and motorcycles. This is an opportune moment, then, to highlight the significant benefits that will accrue to Brazil if the new standards for HDVs align as closely as possible with the European Union's Euro VI standard.

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Canada’s hot and heavy (duty) GHG proposal

This past Saturday the Canadian government released its proposed regulation for HDV GHG standards. Three things that caught our eye right away: the benefits exceed costs by nearly 3-to-1, fuel savings and GHG reductions are substantial and trailers are a newly regulated equipment category.

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Cities compete to claim title of world EV capital

Perhaps now more than ever we should look to cities for innovative transportation policies. As attractive new electric models hit markets everywhere, more cities can learn from each other about what measures work to fuel the nascent zero-emission vehicle market. The world needs it now more than ever.

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Lessons learned from Sweden’s electric vehicle rollercoaster

Although the Swedish government is planning to introduce a feebate program in 2018, which will likely bring an end to the EV market rollercoaster, other countries can learn a valuable lesson from the Swedish rebate program: dependable policies are key to steady EV market growth.

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