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Inertia classes, vehicle emissions tests, and the dead hand of the past

The current system of using inertia classes for vehicle emissions testing is an anachronism, kept in place by force of habit rather than force of logic. And it has the bad effect of allowing manufacturers, if they wish (and some do), to portray specific vehicle models as less polluting and more fuel efficient than they really are.

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Overturning conventional wisdom on aircraft efficiency trends

Fuel prices alone have not produced consistent improvements in aircraft efficiency, and improvements in fuel efficiency due to the introduction of new aircraft have decreased over time.

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Cartogram: Top vehicle markets, 2010

Equal-area cartogram showing a world map with countries/regions resized according to passenger vehicle market size.

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Thought experiment: Applying the proposed U.S. 2025 PV standards to the EU fleet

A preliminary estimate of what it would mean to apply the proposed U.S. CAFE and GHG standards for passenger vehicles in Europe.

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Crying wolf over fuel efficiency standards

John German in The Hill's Congress Blog.

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Comparing fuel economy cost estimates for 2020–2025

Comparing the cost of fuel consumption and CO2 reductions from the Boston Consulting Group report "Powering Autos to 2020" against the 2010 US EPA and US DOT Technical Assessment Report and the 2011 Center for Automotive Research (CAR) report.

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