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India’s 2012 budget: Good on vehicle tax policy, not so much on fuel

India’s just-released budget for fiscal year 2012 offers some new examples of fiscal policies' effects on fleet composition.

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Environmental burden shifting and sustainability criteria for biofuels

Biofuels policies are normally justified as global warming mitigation measures, as well as having benefits for energy security and rural development. However, intensive agricultural production systems have negative impacts on other aspects of the environment, such as water use and eutrophication - we explore whether there is a risk of environmental burden shifting, damaging the environment in new ways in the attempt to reduce damage from GHG emissions. 

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Vehicle tech notes: Making combustion more efficient

The sharp increase in EU market share of passenger cars using gasoline direct injection has everything to do with manufacturers looking for greater vehicle efficiency and lower CO2 emissions.

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How low will the cost of hybrids go?

A good post on Green Car Congress summarizing ICCT senior fellow John German's talk at the SAE Hybrid Vehicle Symposium last week.

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iLUC and the cost of carbon abatement (part 2)

A quick comparison of potential fuel consumer carbon abatement costs of stronger fuel efficiency standards in Europe, vs. biofuels under the Renewable Energy Directive if indirect land use change cannot be dealt with. The fuel efficiency standards look like good value, but without controlling iLUC biofuels look expensive. 

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Update: MMT

Quick summary of developments in policy on the fuel additive MMT over the last three years in China, Canada, California, and the EU.

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