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Maximizing aircraft fuel efficiency: Listen to the experts


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Maximizing aircraft fuel efficiency: Don’t skimp on R&D

An interview with Dr. Fay Collier, Associate Director for Flight Strategy, Integrated Aviation Systems Program at NASA Aeronautics and a former Project Manager at NASA Environmentally Responsible Aviation (ERA), on NASA’s contribution to technologies already in use on aircraft flying now, the ERA project, and a new NASA initiative to demonstrate these environmentally responsible aviation technologies. 

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New energy efficiency target for cars could help Brazil compete in international markets

Aligning Brazil's new-car efficiency target with the European Union’s target would have substantial benefits for consumers. Compared to a car meeting Inovar-Auto's 2017 target, the average new car sold in 2023 could reduce fuel costs more than 4,000 USD over the lifetime of the vehicle, equivalent to 2.4 times the cost of additional vehicle technology.

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Maximizing aircraft fuel efficiency: Engines matter

A conversation with Dr. Meyer (Mike) J. Benzakein on the importance of developing fuel efficient engines.

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At the forefront of the electrifying America’s car fleet: Cities

Local action has always been at the heart of environmental progress. Especially now, local action is necessary to combat climate change. Cities, rightly seeing electric as one of the big climate solutions, are clearly at the forefront.

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Maximizing aircraft fuel efficiency: Make sure the economics add up

Richard Golaszewski's insights on what a successful clean-sheet aircraft program looks like—from research and development to sales, what made it successful, and what makes sense for manufacturers and airlines today to repeat that success.

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