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Subsidy fraud leads to reforms for China’s EV market

Policy adjustments, created largely in response to the high-profile subsidy fraud scandal, mark major reforms for China’s EV market. As an old Chinese saying goes, “A loss may turn out to be a gain.” After being struck by this scandal, China’s EV market may find the right path toward a prosperous future.

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Germany's G20 leadership could expand international cooperation on vehicle efficiency

At the next G20 Summit in July in Hamburg, Germany can lay the groundwork to achieve substantial energy savings and environmental benefits in three important ways.

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Cities driving diesel out of the European car market

European governments have strong incentives to discourage diesel technology and national governments could face fines for failing to meet ambient air quality standards for NOx. As a result, several cities are moving fast to phase out diesel cars, which account for 80% of all NOx emissions from vehicles in Europe.

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Shell game? Debating real-world fuel consumption trends for heavy-duty vehicles in Europe

The EU is about to propose new standards to limit CO2 emissions from heavy-duty vehicles. Some manufacturers are still trying to persuade policy makers that regs aren't necessary because truck fuel-efficiency really is improving significantly on its own. Don't be fooled; on average, it isn't.

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Euro VI para o Brasil: um caminho claro para céus mais limpos

Em Fevereiro, a CETESB anunciou novas fases para emissões de veículos pesados, leves e motocicletas no Brasil. Esse é um momento oportuno para salientar os grandes benefícios para o Brasil com um alinhamento com o padrão Euro VI para veículos pesados.

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A sneak preview of future stages of Indian emission standards for non-road engines reveals a tractor-sized loophole

In short, it’s welcome news that Indian regulators have set their sights on catching up with best-practice emissions standards for non-road engines. Here’s hoping that in aiming for that goal in 2025 they don’t overlook a simple fix that will bring even more immediate help in solving the persistent air pollution problems facing the country.

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