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Lessons learned from Sweden’s electric vehicle rollercoaster

Although the Swedish government is planning to introduce a feebate program in 2018, which will likely bring an end to the EV market rollercoaster, other countries can learn a valuable lesson from the Swedish rebate program: dependable policies are key to steady EV market growth.

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Why are EU manufacturers claiming their defeat devices are not defeat devices?

PSA has admitted to changing emission control calibrations under normal driving—but denies using banned engine software. The gaming of defeat device regulations has gone on for far too long in the EU. It's time for the charade to stop.

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No, fuel economy standards do not put a million US jobs at risk

Ford CEO Mark Fields has to know that the US fuel-economy rules are already designed to “align with market reality.” Maybe he doesn't know that a study he's relying on for his numbers is discreditable.

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The rise of electric vehicles: The second million

This month, cumulative global electric vehicle sales reached two million. What can we say at this milestone about where and how the EV market is developing?

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Fiat-Chrysler, Renault-Nissan . . . who might be next?

The current investigations might not prove that Fiat-Chrysler or Renault-Nissan used defeat devices per se, but these recalls confirm that automakers can do more than just the minimum necessary to comply with the letter of the law and reduce emissions in real-world conditions.

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Beyond hazardous

In Beijing, air pollution is once again off the charts. The air-quality challenge is exacerbated by geographical and meteorological conditions, but the human-made pollution is anything but a natural disaster, and the transportation sector, like all sectors, must do everything possible to reduce emissions.

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