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A big win-win on big trucks

The final Phase 2 rule is estimated to result in 1.1 billion tons of CO2 reduction over the regulated vehicles’ lifetimes and is considered to be the most comprehensive and technically ambitious regulation for commercial vehicle efficiency in the world. 

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What’s the real impact of indirect land-use change?

Rather than stifling the biofuels industry as a whole, ILUC factors encourage both the development of innovative technologies to reduce direct emissions and the transition to second-generation feedstocks that have smaller indirect effects.

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Mexico City commits to a soot-free urban bus fleet

For any city wanting to reduce air pollution from vehicle emissions, buses are an obvious place to start. Mexico City has requested our support, and we will be developing a joint workplan, to kick off with a public workshop in September.

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Taking stock of the VW settlement agreement

Considering how much the likelihood of discovery and the magnitude of the consequences have increased in just nine months, it’s safe to say that the odds in favor of a genuinely cleaner transportation sector have gotten dramatically better.

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Common ground on clean transportation

Aligning standards throughout North America allows the U.S., Mexico, and Canada to take advantage of the economic and market integration of the region to meet shared goals for climate, air quality and health, at the lowest possible cost. 

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China's latest step forward on vehicle emissions regulation

The newly announced implementation timeline of the China 6/VI vehicle emission standard will accelerate the introduction of the most stringent emission reduction requirements and advanced emission control technologies.

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