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Heavy fuel oil is considered the most significant threat to the Arctic. So why isn’t it banned yet?

When we know that heavy fuel oil is the biggest threat to the Arctic marine environment, dangerous to human and environmental health, and already banned in the Antarctic, shouldn’t we seriously consider prohibiting its use in the Arctic?

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Indonesia’s delusional strategy for reducing GHG emissions

How much reduction in CO2 emissions is Indonesia actually getting from its biofuels policy? Short answer: zero. Long answer: Indonesia is actually increasing its CO2 emissions substantially.

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A heavy-duty economic growth engine

If you want to stimulate growth in the U.S. economy, you could find a lot worse places to start than with a policy that will drive technology innovation in the freight sector and cut the fuel costs from on-road goods movement more than a third by 2030.

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The ascent of electric vehicles in California

Sacramento provided a little bit of a roller coaster for EVs in California this summer. But our analysis of the data shows that the diffusion of EVs in the market could ultimately be the much more intriguing story.

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Reading the tea leaves in ICAO’s market-based measure

Revised text on the development of ICAO’s MBM for offsetting emissions growth from international aviation has been posted and would offset 60% to 80%+ of traffic growth, depending on who opt ins.

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In the land of the midnight sun, Arctic shipping is on the rise

As we gain a more complete understanding of ship activity using the satellite AIS data, we can better estimate the environmental and economic effects of international shipping, especially in fragile environments such as the Arctic.

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