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Remote-sensing regulation for measuring exhaust pollutants from in-use diesel vehicles in China

Provides details of a Chinese regulation for measuring pollutants in exhaust from in-use diesel vehicles using remote-sensing equipment. China is the first country in the world to implement such on...
Published 2017.09.19: Publication

Italy’s car market needs to make a U-turn

Between minuscule electric vehicle (EV) sales, growing diesel shares, and Italian carmakers’ struggle to curb carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions, Italy seems to be heading in the... Between minuscule electric vehicle (EV) sales, growing diesel shares, and Italian carmakers’ struggle to curb carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions, there is no doubt that Italy is...
Published 2017.09.18: Blog Post

Why (Run on) Less is more…

“Run on Less” is more than just a catchy slogan or fancy new report. What is Run on Less? It’s a first-of-its-kind event in which several trucking fleets are showcasing highly efficient tractor-... Run on Less is more evidence that cost-effective, high-efficiency trucks are on the road today and only getting better.
Published 2017.09.05: Blog Post

Transparency of data in the regulation of vehicle emissions in the European Union and United States

Compliance testing and related activities generate a significant amount of data and information on new and in-use vehicles. By making the data and information freely available to the public,...
Published 2017.09.05: Publication

Test results confirm: Only 10% of Euro 6 cars meet emission limit in real-world driving conditions [press release]

In the aftermath of the Dieselgate scandal, government agencies across Europe began to systematically test diesel cars for their emission levels. A new study by the independent research organization...
Published 2017.09.03: News

Road tested: Comparative overview of real-world versus type-approval NOx and CO2 emissions from diesel cars in Europe

In September 2015, when the news broke about the illegal defeat device used by Volkswagen in the United States, no systematic overview of real-world NOx emission levels by vehicle manufacturer and...
Published 2017.09.03: Publication

A roadmap for heavy-duty engine CO2 standards within the European Union framework

Four countries—Japan, the United States, Canada, and China—now have CO2 or efficiency standards for heavy-duty vehicles (HDVs). The United States and Canada have separate engine standards in...
Published 2017.09.03: Publication

Low-carbon technology pathways for soot-free urban bus fleets in 20 megacities

Urban transit bus fleets are a significant source of air pollutant emissions, including black carbon, a harmful ultrafine particle and potent short-lived climate pollutant. Transit bus fleets are...
Published 2017.08.31: Publication

Will the future RDE regulation be enough to restore trust in diesel technology?

The Volkswagen Group (including Audi and Porsche), Opel, Fiat, Renault, and now Daimler are recalling millions of diesel vehicles for a software update. All of these manufacturers claim their... The success of the RDE regulation will depend on the will of manufacturers to prove that they have learned a lesson from Dieselgate by beginning to focus on reducing real-world emissions, not just...
Published 2017.08.30: Blog Post

Maximizing aircraft fuel efficiency: Listen to the experts

Over the past few weeks we've posted interviews with four of the experts in aerospace technology and commercial aviation from the technical advisory group who helped us with the research for our... One of the key challenges faced by engine and airframe manufacturers in developing fuel-efficient products is the looming risk that their significant investment will not pay off. The more this risk...
Published 2017.08.30: Blog Post

Real-world emissions testing on four vehicles

We commissioned the Laboratory of Applied Thermodynamics, of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, and its spin-off company, Emisia, to investigate real-world emissions of four Euro 6 passenger...
Published 2017.08.29: Publication

China IV non-road standards: A golden opportunity to advance stringent limits and mandate filters

China’s 13th Five-Year Plan on Ecological & Environmental Protection, released on December 5, 2016, indicates that China will accelerate the design, revision, and implementation of emission... To lead the way in effectively controlling emissions from non-road vehicles, it is crucial for China to advance the China IV standards, as more stringent requirements on emissions will always lead...
Published 2017.08.25: Blog Post

Waste not want not: Understanding the greenhouse gas implications of diverting waste and residual materials to biofuel production

It has become generally accepted that biofuels produced from food commodity crops cause indirect land use change (ILUC) when increased demand for those crops results in an increase in global...
Published 2017.08.24: Publication

Mike Nicholas

Published 2017.08.23: Profile

Distribution of air pollution from oceangoing vessels in the Greater Pearl River Delta, 2015

China is the world’s second largest economy and the largest trading nation in the world. Its coastline is visited by thousands of cargo-carrying ships on a daily basis. The Greater Pearl River Delta...
Published 2017.08.23: Publication

Status of policies for clean vehicles and fuels in select G20 countries

Realizing the immense opportunity to promote energy efficiency in their economies, G20 economies adopted an Energy Efficiency Action Plan that identified six focus areas for collaborative activity,...
Published 2017.08.15: Publication

Maximizing aircraft fuel efficiency: Don’t skimp on R&D

Part 5 in a series featuring interviews with experts who worked with the ICCT on our cost assessment of near- and mid-term technologies to improve new aircraft fuel efficiency. The aim of the series... An interview with Dr. Fay Collier, Associate Director for Flight Strategy, Integrated Aviation Systems Program at NASA Aeronautics and a former Project Manager at NASA Environmentally Responsible...
Published 2017.08.15: Blog Post

New energy efficiency target for cars could help Brazil compete in international markets

Brazil's Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services (MDIC) is consulting with industry to develop a replacement for Inovar-Auto, the industrial competitiveness and energy efficiency program for... Aligning Brazil's new-car efficiency target with the European Union’s target would have substantial benefits for consumers. Compared to a car meeting Inovar-Auto's 2017 target, the average new car...
Published 2017.08.10: Blog Post

Cost–benefit analysis of early implementation of the China 6 light-duty vehicle emission standard in Guangdong Province

Guangdong Province, ranked first in gross domestic product for the past 28 years in China, has consistently taken actions to improve local air quality. The region is well-known for the “Guangdong...
Published 2017.08.09: Publication

Maximizing aircraft fuel efficiency: Engines matter

Part 4 in a series featuring interviews with experts who worked with the ICCT on our cost assessment of near- and mid-term technologies to improve new aircraft fuel efficiency. The aim of the series... A conversation with Dr. Meyer (Mike) J. Benzakein on the importance of developing fuel efficient engines.
Published 2017.08.08: Blog Post