Global Transportation Roadmap Model

The Roadmap model is an Excel-based tool designed to help policy makers see trends, assess emissions and energy-efficiency implications of different policy options, and conceptualize strategies to reduce both greenhouse gas emissions and local air pollution. Users can define and test policy scenarios, and view and adjust underlying data and assumptions. For a full description, download the Model Documentation and User Guide [.pdf]

An annual data update and validation process is conducted to ensure the use of best available data sources and methods. For a comparison of activity inputs and emissions results between the Roadmap model and other national and international models, download the Comparative Analysis of Activity and Emissions [.pdf].

As part of ICCT’s Global Transportation Health and Climate Roadmap Series, two global analyses were developed to assess the effects and potential of policy options to reduce energy consumption, emissions of GHGs and local air pollutants, and health impacts. For the complete reports, download the Global Transportation Energy and Climate Roadmap and The Impact of Stringent Fuel and Vehicle Standards on Premature Mortality and Emissions.

Examples of model outputs