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2020–2030 CO2 standards for new cars and light-commercial vehicles in the European Union
A concise overview of the EU's vehicle CO2 emission reduction requirements, targets for 2025–2030 that are coming under consideration, and current best projections of vehicle-specific CO2 reduction technology potential and costs...
Heavy-duty vehicle fuel-efficiency simulation: A comparison of US and EU tools
Discusses the use of computer simulation to certify whole-vehicle efficiency of HDVs, and compares tools used to quantify HDV CO2 emissions in the US (GEM v2.0) and EU (VECTO v2.0.3 beta; not yet used in a regulatory context).
White paper
Implementing fuel-saving technologies in VECTO: Options and estimated gains
Assesses how certain fuel-saving technologies could be implemented in VECTO, the European Union’s tool for the simulation of heavy-duty vehicle efficiency, via generic or vehicle-specific modules.
Consultant report

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