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Feebate systems are one of the best available policy options to reduce passenger car emissions. Feebate systems impose a fee on vehicles with high CO2 emissions or fuel consumption (i.e., low fuel economy) and provide a rebate to vehicles with low CO2 emissions or fuel consumption (i.e., high fuel economy).

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Road transport in the EU Emissions Trading System: An engineering perspective
Assesses the effect on technology innovation and deployment if mandatory CO2 standards in the EU were replaced by including road transport in the EU Emissions Trading System, as some have recently proposed.
Working paper
Effectiveness of CO2-based feebate systems in the European passenger vehicle market
Econometric analysis aiming to identify the extent to which the observed reductions in CO2 emissions rates in the Netherlands and the UK can be attributed to CO2-based vehicle taxation.
Consultant report
Best Practices for Feebate Program Design and Implementation
Summarizes one of the most promising fiscal policy tools available to complement vehicle emissions standards: so-called feebate programs, in which more efficient vehicles receive rebates and less efficient vehicles are assessed...

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