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The continuing integration of an expanding global economy means moving more goods further and faster, both internationally and locally. Emissions and efficiency standards for aviation, shipping, and heavy-duty vehicles are key to managing growth in the freight sector. Some useful general and statistical sources to complement the information here include the CAI-Asia Green Freight and Logistics site (, the U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics (, and Eurostat (

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Freight assessment blueprint: Practical guide for evaluating freight transportation in support of national green freight programs
A step-by-step resource for conducting a freight assessment when the ultimate goal is to develop a green freight program. This document includes useful guidance and best practices on executing each of the four key elements of a...
White paper
Heavy fuel oil use in Arctic shipping in 2015
MEPC’s 70th session will consider two topics that may greatly reduce the amount of HFO used in the Arctic: a global marine fuel sulfur cap of 0.5% (currently it is 3.5%), and whether or not HFO use in the Arctic should be...
Working paper
U.S. efficiency and greenhouse gas emission regulations for model year 2018-2027 heavy-duty vehicles, engines, and trailers
Summarizes the final rulemaking on new Phase 2 standards to reduce HDV fuel consumption and GHG emissions. Together with Phase 1, the increased efficiency of HD trucks and buses will cut fuel use by over one-third by 2050.
Policy update

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