Technology characteristics of China's new car fleet, 2010


Improving fuel efficiency is a key element in China’s long-term strategic plan for the automobile industry, and the focus of previous and current passenger car fuel consumption regulations there. Earlier last year, China announced a preliminary 2020 fleet fuel consumption target of 5 liters per hundred kilometers. Yet detailed analysis of what technologies will lead to that target at what cost remains lacking. Knowing the vehicle characteristics and technology adoption status of current vehicles from all major market segments is the starting point for developing feasible and cost-effective technological roadmap to reach that target.

The webinar is based on a recent ICCT report that provides that baseline. A comprehensive database containing detailed technological information on each new vehicle model sold in the 2010 market provides the foundation for an analysis carried out at different relevant levels: the Chinese passenger car fleet as a whole, domestics vs imports, major segments, and individual manufacturers.