Berlin, Germany


Carolina Rodrigues Poupinha

Carolina Rodrigues Poupinha is an Associate Researcher on ICCT’s light duty vehicles program. Her current work aims at estimating the energy consumption and CO2 emissions of light-duty vehicles. Carolina holds a Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Technical University of Lisbon (Portugal), while she has also studied for one year at the KTH Royal […]

Jakob Schmidt

Jakob is a Model Developer with the ICCT’s Modeling Center. Since joining in 2022, his work has focused on upgrading and developing tools that enable the analysis of charging infrastructure gaps for light-duty vehicles, as well as the impact of low-emission zones in cities. Jakob holds a B.Sc. in Physics from the Universität Hamburg (Germany) […]

Susana Irles

Susana Irles is a Communications Specialist with the ICCT Europe team. She leads the development and implementation of strategic communications for ICCT’s European office in partnership with ICCT’s global communications team and the research staff in Europe. Before joining the ICCT she worked as a journalist in Valencia, Washington, and Lisbon and led the communications […]

Patricia Ferrini Rodrigues

Patricia is an Associate Researcher with ICCT’s Modeling Center, based in the Berlin office. She has extensive experience as a researcher in the health and economic impact assessment of policies to reduce air and climate pollutants, especially from the transport sector. Patricia has previously worked as a consultant and researcher at organizations in Brazil, the […]

Kaylin Lee

Kaylin Lee is an Associate Researcher on the ICCT Europe team. Her work focuses on analyzing real-world emissions data as part of The Real Urban Emissions (TRUE) initiative to support cities’ efforts to improve air quality and transition to zero-emission transport. Before joining the ICCT, she worked at a climate policy think tank, where she […]

Kyle Morrison

Kyle Morrison is an Associate Researcher on the ICCT Europe team. His research focuses on local and national policies to increase electric vehicle uptake and improve social equity of electromobility. Kyle holds a Bachelor’s degree in Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (USA) and a Master’s degree in Integrated […]

Uwe Tietge

Uwe Tietge leads the Data Management Center at the ICCT. Located in the Berlin office, he works on organization-wide data systems and manages databases on light- and heavy-duty vehicles. Before joining the ICCT, Uwe was involved in a number of energy efficiency and carbon auditing projects in the residential sector. Uwe holds an MSc in […]

Peter Mock

The main focus of Peter’s work is the coordination of ICCT activities in Europe. Peter is part of the ICCT’s Light-duty Vehicles program where he is engaged in making well-based and credible data on technology emission reduction potentials and costs easily available to a broad audience. Prior to joining the ICCT, Peter was a staff […]

Chelsea Baldino

Chelsea is a Senior Researcher on the ICCT Fuels team and co-cluster coordinator for the Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Cluster. Chelsea’s research focuses on opportunities to reduce the greenhouse gas impact of liquid and gaseous fuels in Europe and Indonesia. Prior to her work at the ICCT, Chelsea was a research assistant for the Marine […]

Sandra Wappelhorst

Sandra Wappelhorst is a Senior Researcher on the ICCT Europe team and Cluster Lead on transport equity for ICCT. Her research focuses on city- and national-level fiscal and non-fiscal policies to enhance electric vehicle adoption, with particular emphasis on an equal, inclusive, and just transition toward zero-emission vehicles. Further research areas include national and sub-national […]