Research Staff

Anuj Dhole
Associate Researcher (Consultant)

Location: Pune, India

With ICCT since: 2021


Areas of Focus


Anuj Dhole is a research consultant for ICCT's Electric Vehicles and Heavy-Duty Vehicles programs in India. At ICCT, he currently works on assessing feasibility and pathways towards establishing low emission zones, assessing deployment of electric buses, and financing innovations for promoting electric vehicle uptake in India. Anuj holds a master's degree in City Planning from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, and a bachelor's degree in Architecture from Pune University. He was part of a research project funded by the Ministry of Urban Development of the Government of India to assess the competition between formal and informal transit at IIT, Kharagpur. Prior to joining ICCT, Anuj worked on congestion pricing, assessment of electric bus performance, BRT, and a variety of other projects to promote sustainable transportation at ITDP India. Apart from work, Anuj enjoys cycling and photography.