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India’s plan to expand shore power infrastructure at major ports

In Harit Sagar Green Port Guidelines, among the land-based initiatives are electrification of port vehicles and cargo-handling machinery and phased adoption of alternative fuels by trucks that transport cargo. To reduce sea-based emissions, Harit Sagar endorsed the use of shore power and cleaner alternative fuels to operate port crafts.

China’s chance to further reduce diesel emissions with robust policy “punches”

Doing more to abate emissions from diesel fleets can be one of the most critical missions for China in the next decade. The China Mobile Source Environmental Management Annual Report, published by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE), revealed that on-road vehicles emitted 5.82 Mt of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and 69 kt of particulate […]

vehicle fuel cap black in color labeled with diesel text

How electric buses are improving bus operations in India

Interviews with transit authorities and private bus operators showed that electric buses are packed with features, more comfortable to drive than combustion engine buses, and manufacturers are continually improving the electric buses.

parked electric buses lined up at sunset in Navi Mumbai