About the ICCT

Our mission

Our mission is unique. The ICCT is an independent, nonprofit research organization founded to provide exceptional, objective, timely research and technical and scientific analysis to environmental regulators. Our work empowers policymakers and others worldwide to improve the environmental performance of road, marine, and air transportation to benefit public health and mitigate climate change.

our values

As we work toward that mission, we envision a future where leaders around the globe use the ICCT’s expert research and technical support to develop ambitious, coordinated policies to eliminate air and climate pollution from transportation, consistent with limiting warming to well-below 2°C and pursuing efforts to limit warming to 1.5°C this century. To make our vision a reality, we rely on five core values:


We convene leading global experts and policymakers in transportation by leveraging our expertise, credibility, and connections. We also employ a diverse staff of experts who work together across time zones and cultures.


Our analysis supports governments at local, regional, and national levels worldwide. Our definitive research and analyses of policies, technology, and industry trends help them be more effective.


We envision, model, and communicate the most ambitious and achievable pathways to limit warming to well-below 2°C. Our work helps leaders worldwide see clear paths to a clean transportation future.


We track and analyze international policies and markets to measure the global progress of the clean transportation transition. Our work shows how each step to eliminate pollution helps build a livable future.


We highlight and break down the facts that underpin our research. Public policy, informed by accurate and reliable data and analysis, is a powerful tool for change. Our work meets the highest standards for integrity and reliability.


Explore our organization’s flagship publications, where we delve deep into the latest industry trends and share valuable insights that shape the future.

Elektromobilitäet und soziale Teilhabe

our history

The ICCT began in 2001 in Bellagio, Italy, when a group of international policymakers and technical experts markets gathered to address soaring transportation emissions and a lack of meaningful action from governments. We formally incorporated as a mission-driven, non-governmental organization in 2005 and have since expanded our work to new markets and new topics.

In 2015, the ICCT’s work to uncover discrepancies in emissions testing in the Volkswagen emissions scandal prompted regulatory responses and led to a heightened focus on accurate emissions reporting and enforcement measures globally. “Dieselgate” had a huge impact: improved emissions testing, better enforcement of emissions rules, and more vehicles meeting stringent environmental standards.

Today, the ICCT employs professionals, woking hybrid and remotely, in Beijing, Berlin, New Delhi, São Paulo, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. offices, including fully remote staff in Indonesia, Colombia, Vietnam and Mexico.

Caption: Meeting of the International Council on Clean Transportation in Italy, 2004.