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2023全球车企电动化转型评级:特斯拉、比亚迪蝉联前二 日系车仍全面落后 


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Request for Proposals: Quantifying the environmental justice impacts of zero-emission vehicles

This research report would review available data on the distribution of ZEVs within major markets. Through dialog with environmental justice experts and new research, it would then assess how environmental justice communities may be affected by changes in air quality, climate change impacts, changes in vehicle ownership costs, and workforce impacts posed by ZEVs.

Policy Experts

ICCT researchers and policy analysts available to answer media inquiries are listed below. A full staff list is available, or send a general press inquiry.


Rachel Muncrief

Acting Executive Director

Strategies; tracking progress; heavy vehicles; freight; global

Stephanie Searle

Chief Program Officer

Fuels; United States; alternative fuels; life-cycle analyses; electrification; global

Carmen Araujo

Regional Lead

Brazil; heavy vehicles; light vehicles; fuel policy; clean air; health impacts

Amit Bhatt

India Managing Director

Hui He

China Regional Director

China; light vehicles; zero-emission vehicles; freight

Ray Minjares

Heavy-Duty Vehicles Program Director and San Francisco Managing Director

Heavy vehicles; clean air; electrification; fleets; global

Peter Mock

Europe Managing Director / Regional Lead

Europe; strategies; zero-emission vehicles; light vehicles

Dan Rutherford

Senior Director of Research / Acting Aviation Director

Aviation; maritime shipping; alternative fuels; global; Japan

Bryan Comer

Director of Marine Program

Maritime shipping; Arctic shipping; emissions inventories; global

Oscar Delgado

Program Lead

Fleets; heavy vehicles; vehicle efficiency; zero-emission vehicles; batteries and fuel cells

Joshua Miller

Director of Modeling, Monitoring, and Evaluation and Director of Program Services

Emissions modeling; GHG emissions; clean air; health impacts; global; strategies; tracking progress

Nikita Pavlenko

Program Lead

Alternative fuels; life-cycle analyses