Indirect effects of biofuels production
Europe's opportunity for biofuels from wastes and residues
Effects of standards on public health and climate
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From laboratory to road: A 2014 update
Extends an analysis of the gap between official and real-world fuel consumption and CO2 emissions for passenger cars in Europe, which reached 38% in 2013 and continues to grow at an accelerated pace.
White paper
A Guide for the Perplexed to the Indirect Effects of Biofuels Production
A detailed but accessible overview of the concept of indirect land use change and the way that ILUC emissions are estimated. Identifies factors that determine the size of ILUC effects when biofuel demand increases and shows how...
Stakeholder workshop report on tractor-trailer efficiency technology, 2015-2030
Reports on the workshop “Emerging Technologies for Heavy-Duty Vehicle Fuel Efficiency” convened in July 2014 by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy and the International Council on Clean Transportation.
Workshop report



Speditionen unterliegen: Gericht weist Klage gegen Erhöhung der Lkw-Maut ab
Die Lastwagen-Lobby muss eine Schlappe wegstecken: Vor Gericht...

Worldwide investment in transit could produce massive reduction in carbon pollution, huge <b>...</b>
... options to use public transportation, walking and cycling,...

Greenland ice sheet more sensitive to climate change than estimated
A new study has revealed that despite its apparent stability,...

Does <b>Air Quality</b> Suffer as Utah Moves More Oil by Rail?
Built to move coal from trucks to trains, three Carbon County...

[Press release] Gap between reported and actual fuel economy higher than ever before
The gap between official and real world fuel-economy figures has...

[Press release] Announcement of Global Green Freight Action Plan
On September 23, at the UN Secretary General's Climate...

Black Carbon Expert Tami Bond Awarded 2014 MacArthur "Genius" Grant
Today the ICCT celebrates the announcement that Tami Bond, a...

[Press release] Even with Global Shift to Mass Transit, Best-Practice Standards for Clean Vehicles and Fuels Key to Curbing Health Impacts
Released by the University of California, Davis and...

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Canada's Environment Minister announces new regulatory measures for vehicles and fuels
Three new regulatory initiatives announced by Minister Leona Aglukkaq will reduce GHG emissions and improve the environmental performance of both the light- and heavy-duty vehicle fleets.
Staff Blog
A trend that can’t continue: The gap between official and real CO2 reductions from Europe’s passenger car fleet keeps growing
We've just released an update to our study of the discrepancy between offiical and real-world CO2 emissions from passenger cars in the EU. The bad news: the gap continues to increase, and at an accelerating rate: for private cars it rose to 31 percent in 2013, and for company cars (a large proportion of the fleet in Europe) the gap is even greater, 45 percent in 2013.
Staff Blog
Here’s one way to waste a lot less of our newfound natural gas resources
In contrast to crude oil tankers or containerships, whose operating costs only marginally affect the total cost of the goods they carry, LNG carriers represent more than 20% of total “door-to-door” trade costs. They could be a lot more efficient.
Staff Blog