European vehicle market statistics, 2015/2016
Extends an analysis of the gap between official and real-world fuel consumption
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Technical background on India BS VI fuel specifications
This working paper details the differences in fuel specifications for commercial gasoline and diesel fuels in India and the EU, and assesses potential air pollutant emission impacts of these differences.
Working paper
India Bharat Stage VI emission standards
The proposed BS VI standards are far-reaching in scope and incorporate substantial changes to existing Bharat Stage III and IV emission standards. Of particular note is the tightening of particulate matter (PM) mass emission...
Policy update
Crops of the biofrontier: In search of opportunities for sustainable energy cropping
Describes case studies of energy cropping in Europe in the context of advanced biofuel and bioproducts sustainability.
White paper



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Should Delhi ban diesels?
The health evidence on diesels justifies actions that extend restrictions on diesels until they are cleaner. The court should consider a new tax scheme on diesels to pay for their health damages or implement a restriction similar to German law, which permits only BS VI engines.
Staff Blog
Defeat device testing in the EU: So far, not so good
The post-VW vehicle testing by Germany, the UK, and France suggest that defeat devices are being employed in Europe that have yet to be detected. But further testing is needed if the goal is to independently determine the actual cause of the high emissions.
Staff Blog
First look: Results of post-VW diesel vehicle testing in France, UK
Further summary of initial results of diesel emissions screening tests being conducted in Europe in the wake of last year's revelations about VW's use of defeat devices.
Staff Blog