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Costs and benefits of motor vehicle emission control programs in China
Reviews China’s efforts to rein in air pollution from vehicles and presents a cost-benefit analysis of the introduction of stringent new vehicle emissions and fuel quality standards.
White paper
Review and comparative analysis of in-use vehicle emission control programs in Guangdong Province
A survey of local- and provincial-level policies intended to control emissions from high emitters and older vehicles, and comparison with best practices.
White paper
U.S. efficiency and greenhouse gas emission regulations for MY 2018–2027 heavy-duty vehicles, engines, and trailers
Summarizes proposed new Phase 2 standards to reduce HDV fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.
Policy update



[Press release] Proposed truck efficiency standards establish U.S. global leadership in low-carbon commercial vehicles sector
ICCT research finds major efficiency improvements in U.S. truck...

Global Green Freight Action Plan launched
The Global Green Freight Action Plan was officially launched...

Request for Proposals: Marine Black Carbon Emissions Testing
Summary This request for proposals (RFP) supports the marine...

Request for Proposals: Air Quality Modeling Inputs to Rapid Health Impact Assessment Tool for Port Emissions
Summary This request for proposals (RFP) seeks an experienced...

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What the NRC report on LDV technologies does and doesn't add to the debate in the run up to the US CAFE 2025 standard midterm evaluation
Convincing support for the agencies' initial analysis, that could have pushed its conclusions even further.
Staff Blog
Cleaning up big trucks to deliver a cleaner future
Tractor trailers and other medium and heavy trucks are the hard working giants of the American highway. They are also a disproportionately large part of our nation's carbon footprint.
Staff Blog
5 numbers you need to know about the proposed U.S. truck efficiency rule
It's a complex proposal, and will take some time to fully digest, but some of the highlights regarding the complexity, the technology improvements, and the benefits are immediately clear. Here is the gist of the rule in five numbers.
Staff Blog