Recent work on aircraft emissions and CO2 standards
A 2014 synthesis of vehicle and fuel policy developments
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Indirect effects of biofuels production

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Japan light commercial vehicle fuel economy standards for 2022
New standards require that the fuel economy of MY 2022 LCVs sold in Japan average 17.9 km/L, compared to 14.2 km/L in 2012—a 26% increase in fuel economy, and a 23% increase from the 2015 standard of 14.5 km/L.
Policy update
Testing methods for heavy-duty vehicle fuel efficiency: Trends and implications for India
Analysis of testing and certification methods employed in HDV efficiency regulations worldwide, to identify test methods most appropriate for India's initial regulation in this policy area.
Working paper
Cost effectiveness of advanced efficiency technologies for long-haul tractor-trailers in the 2020–2030 timeframe
Evaluation, based on leading technology effectiveness, technology cost, and fuel price data, of payback periods for the efficiency technologies analyzed in a companion paper on tractor-trailer technology potential.
White paper



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Choose Your Own Adventure: By Plane, Car, Train, or Bus?
Is flying really greener than driving? On average, no, but it does depend on the fuel economy of your vehicle as well as the number of passengers.
Staff Blog
2014 fuel price turbulence didn’t pull the plug on EVs
The global vehicle market continued its strong uptake of EVs in 2014, despite the collapse in oil price. 
Staff Blog
Eighteen wheels and ten miles per gallon
The average long-haul tractor-trailer on U.S. highways gets the same 6 miles per gallon of diesel that it did decades ago. But there are clear signs that that, finally, is about to change.
Staff Blog