Recent work on aircraft emissions and CO2 standards
A 2014 synthesis of vehicle and fuel policy developments
New edition of our annual market profile
Indirect effects of biofuels production

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Air pollution from marine vessels in the U.S. High Arctic in 2025
Presents an emissions inventory based on scenarios for growth in marine vessel traffic in the U.S. Arctic in 2025. At current fuel sulfur levels, pollutant emissions from ships in the region could increase 150%–600%.
Working paper
Potential low carbon fuel supply to the Pacific Coast region of North America
Evaluates potential low-carbon fuel deployment in the 2015–2030 timeframe and finds that the policy goals of British Columbia, California, Oregon, and Washington are simultaneously achievable.
The state of clean transport policy: A 2014 synthesis of vehicle and fuel policy developments
A synopsis of advances in national and international regulations intended to reduce energy use, mitigate climate change, and control air pollution from motor vehicles and fuels across eleven major vehicle markets in 2013 and...



Most Americans Support Government Action on Climate Change, Poll Finds
An overwhelming majority, including nearly half of Republicans,...

How the Poll Was Conducted
The New York Times/Stanford University/Resources for the Future...

EaglePicher Licenses OneD Material’s SiNANOde silicon-nanowire anode technology
EaglePicher Technologies, LLC has entered into a License...

Takata airbag recall puts a dent in Honda's profit
The company tends to to well selling cars to people concerned...

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Vehicle technology costs: Estimates vs. reality
The IKA institute just released a study on technology potential and cost for 2025/2030 CO2 targets in the EU—an opportune moment to look back at all the previous such studies and see how accurate they were.
Staff Blog
Do the automakers really need help with the U.S. efficiency standards?
Sergio Marchionne, among others, is trying to get folks riled up about rolling back the 54.5 mpg standard for new 2025 automobiles. Let’s take a little closer look at the supposed problem.
Staff Blog
Carbon diary of a reluctant traveler
Balancing the personal carbon books at year end puts some recent articles on the environmental cost of air travel into sobering perspective.
Staff Blog