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Indirect effects of biofuels production
Europe's opportunity for biofuels from wastes and residues
Effects of standards on public health and climate

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Proposed Saudi Arabia CAFE standard for new LDVs 2016-2020
The proposed standards, which apply to all new and used passenger vehicles and light trucks, will phase in from 2016 through 2020. The standards for new vehicles are patterned after the U.S. CAFE structure and follow the 2012–...
Policy update
Opportunities to reduce vehicle emissions in Jakarta
Summary of technologies and policies to reduce direct emissions from cars, trucks, and buses, drawing on examples of other megacities' policy initiatives in the areas of clean fuels, new vehicle emission standards, and in-use...
Heavy-duty vehicle diesel engine efficiency evaluation and energy audit
Assesses the energy-use breakdown of US EPA 2010 compliant heavy-duty diesel engines and characterizes engine fueling maps for use in vehicle efficiency simulation tools.
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The right choices for 2015
Growth, trade, development, and climate change: 2015 will be a...

Balance common ground and competition
China and the US could join hands to fight cross-border...

Gambling destination Macau mulls other options to <b>fuel economy</b>
MACAU: Over a span of 10 years, the Chinese territory reshaped...

Himachal Pradesh Kisan Sabha terms Cong rule disappointing
Himachal Kisan Sabha has termed two-year rule of Congress...

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More efficient new Ford F150: A shift from the old horsepower wars?
Ford has clearly done something very special technologically. Whether it will be the game-changer many expected in terms of increased efficiency remains unclear.
Staff Blog
Could ICAO’s CO2 Standard Not Actually Cover Any Aircraft? Yes, If Nobody’s Watching
A big question for ICAO now is whether a standard will apply to all new aircraft, or only to new designs certified after the expected application date of January 1, 2020. The answer will make a huge difference.
Staff Blog
U.S. airline fleets due for renewal
If the U.S. aviation sector is going to meet its 2020 carbon-neutral growth goal, airline efficiency improvements via new aircraft and engine technology will have to increase sharply from their present rate.
Staff Blog