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The next generation of electric vehicles is on the way

Electric vehicle metrics like range and cost are expected to continue to dramatically improve over the next few years as the next-generation technology emerges. In turn, these cost reductions will enable competitive pricing for high-volume mainstream markets.

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Adding to the pile of evidence: Recent on-road testing results for CO2 and exhaust emissions from Euro 6 light-duty vehicles in the EU

Summarizes the Emissions Analytics testing on nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulates, both of which pose significant health problems, and CO2 which is vehicles' main contribution to climate pollution.

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Mapping U.S. electric vehicle markets and public policy

Consumer subsidies, charging infrastructure, non-financial incentives, model availability, and outreach and awareness activities across the 50 most populous metro areas as we near the end of a politically eventful year for electric vehicles in the United States.

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Brazil’s vehicle fleet renewal program should aim to benefit from others' successes, and their mistakes

Explains why first-phase fleet renewal program in Brazil could be most effective if it focused on removing old diesel heavy trucks and buses from the roads, in particular those older than 14 years that comply with Proconve standards P-3 and earlier, and how Brazil could best leverage these emission reductions by combining this with the introduction of P-8 standards.

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Are automakers beating the U.S. vehicle fuel economy standards? Yep, bigly.

Highlights that low-cost efficiency technology keeps entering the auto market, and automakers keep beating the efficiency standards. Luckily, there is every reason to believe we’ll continue to see increasing efficiency trend through 2025 and perhaps beyond. 

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The latest paper by the Center for Automotive Research is not what it thinks it is

The whole report rests on a false premise about the costs of meeting the standards. And whether that reflects a lack of "objectivity" or something else, it renders the report completely unreliable as an analysis of the employment impacts of the CAFE/GHG standards.

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