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Policies for efficient transport will lower oil prices, create jobs, and help countries meet climate pledges

The expansion of fuel-saving transport policies has important implications for the future of the global oil market and its impacts on major economies.

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Germany, sleeping giant of electric vehicles, awakes

Germany is the largest car market in the EU, and German automakers exert tremendous influence on R&D in the global auto industry. So new EV incentives the German government recently announced are a big deal, for Europe and for the world market.

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Europe should set binding CO2 reduction targets for trucks

Putting a CO2 performance standard for new HDVs in place would change the trajectory of on-road freight emissions for years to come. No other policy alternative can rival it in effectiveness.

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Just one more diesel car?

Another possible option beyond levying a punitive fee on diesel vehicles or banning their sale would be for diesel vehicle manufacturers to voluntarily agree to equip all new diesel vehicles sold in India with diesel particulate filters (DPFs).

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2015 Global electric vehicle trends: Which markets are up (the most)

The state of the EV market in 2015: Countries with relatively high EV sales, as a percentage of new vehicle sales, remained high while others with lower EV sales were still catching up.

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The emissions test defeat device problem in Europe is not about VW

The methods used by other manufacturers to tell when a vehicle is not on a test cycle may differ from VW's, but they are still improperly reducing the effectiveness of emission controls in the real world.

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