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With more than 15 million cars and trucks sold annually, the 28-member European Union is the world's most important vehicle market. Every fourth vehicle sold worldwide is produced in or imported into Europe, and its influence on the business decisions of major global vehicle manufacturers is significant.

Traditionally, the EU has set the pace for the reduction of greenhouse gases from transport and conventional pollutants. Europe is home to a large number of innovative vehicle manufacturers and suppliers, providing advanced technologies that help reduce emissions from transportation.

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Literature review on power utility best practices regarding electric vehicles
Summarizes projects, initiatives, and exemplary practices among electric utilities to promote the integration of electric vehicles and maximize their potential benefits.
White paper
Impacts of world class vehicle efficiency and emissions regulations in select G20 countries
Characterizes the climate and health benefits of adopting world-class standards for new vehicle efficiency/CO2 and conventional pollutant emissions in all members of the G20 Transport Task Group.
The European Commission's renewable energy proposal for 2030
Summarizes the European Commission's (EC) formal proposal to the EU Council and the European Parliament to recast Renewable Energy Directive (RED) 2009/28/EC2, which will expire at the end of 2020. 
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Lessons learned from Sweden’s electric vehicle rollercoaster
Although the Swedish government is planning to introduce a feebate program in 2018, which will likely bring an end to the EV market rollercoaster, other countries can learn a valuable lesson from the Swedish rebate program: dependable policies are key to steady EV market growth.
Staff Blog
Why are EU manufacturers claiming their defeat devices are not defeat devices?
PSA has admitted to changing emission control calibrations under normal driving—but denies using banned engine software. The gaming of defeat device regulations has gone on for far too long in the EU. It's time for the charade to stop.
Staff Blog
Fiat-Chrysler, Renault-Nissan . . . who might be next?
The current investigations might not prove that Fiat-Chrysler or Renault-Nissan used defeat devices per se, but these recalls confirm that automakers can do more than just the minimum necessary to comply with the letter of the law and reduce emissions in real-world conditions.
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Yoann Bernard
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Jan Dornoff
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Ray Minjares
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Peter Mock
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