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With more than 15 million cars and trucks sold annually, the 28-member European Union is the world's most important vehicle market. Every fourth vehicle sold worldwide is produced in or imported into Europe, and its influence on the business decisions of major global vehicle manufacturers is significant.

Traditionally, the EU has set the pace for the reduction of greenhouse gases from transport and conventional pollutants. Europe is home to a large number of innovative vehicle manufacturers and suppliers, providing advanced technologies that help reduce emissions from transportation.

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Transparency of data in the regulation of vehicle emissions in the European Union and United States
Legal brief summarizing public access to vehicle emissions data in the European Union and United States.
Consultant report
Road tested: Comparative overview of real-world versus type-approval NOx and CO2 emissions from diesel cars in Europe
Compares official laboratory-test and on-road nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions for 541 Euro 5 and Euro 6 diesel passenger cars, representing 145 of the most popular European models.
White paper
A roadmap for heavy-duty engine CO2 standards within the European Union framework
Analyzes the benefits of establishing separate engine CO2 standards in addition to full-vehicle regulations to specifically drive improvements in heavy-duty engine efficiency. Outlines a possible pathway for the development and...

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Italy’s car market needs to make a U-turn
Between minuscule electric vehicle (EV) sales, growing diesel shares, and Italian carmakers’ struggle to curb carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions, there is no doubt that Italy is heading in the wrong direction, but it’s not too late for a U-turn.
Staff Blog
Will the future RDE regulation be enough to restore trust in diesel technology?
The success of the RDE regulation will depend on the will of manufacturers to prove that they have learned a lesson from Dieselgate by beginning to focus on reducing real-world emissions, not just on passing a particular test.
Staff Blog
Like magic! How to make high vehicle CO2 emissions simply disappear
On June 26, the BMVI finally published the CO2 measurement results we had been waiting for. But in the interim the Ministry re-tested 29 of the original vehicle models. Only a subset of those results, data on 19 out of the 29, was published and in many cases, the vehicles show lower CO2 emissions during the retest than according to their official type-approval value. Those are impressively good results—and strikingly different than the initial results from 2016.
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Yoann Bernard
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Jan Dornoff
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Ray Minjares
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