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The steady growth in freight transport by truck presents a challenge to efforts at reducing hazardous air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Though most countries have fuel economy standards for passenger vehicles, as of 2011 only Japan and the United States have set efficiency and GHG emission standards for heavy-duty vehicles.

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U.S. Tier 3 vehicle emissions and fuel quality standards, final rule
Provides an overview of the requirements of the final rule, discusses the handful of significant changes from the 2013 proposed rule, and summarizes the overall impacts.
Policy update
On-board diagnostics for heavy-duty vehicles: Considerations for Mexico
Overview of deployment schedule for OBD on HDVs for Europe and the U.S. and main technical features of these two advanced OBD programs.
Working paper
Tratamiento para los vehículos medianos bajo la NOM 044
Este documento se aclaran las diferencias en el proceso de certificación europeo y estadounidense para vehículos medianos y pesados y se dan recomendaciones para que la NOM-044 sea compatible con ambos esquemas normativos.
Working paper



tru -- ARB approves full verification of Carrier EES diesel particulate filter for TRUs (reefers) and TRU generator sets
The California Air Resources Board (ARB) has granted full...

MIT study: higher octane standard fuel in US could lower fleet fuel consumption & GHG an extra 4.5-6% by 2040
Offering a higher-octane gasoline to the consumer market in the...

Manganese poisoning: Subtle effects
MANGANISM has been known about since the 19th century, when...

Volvo Cars adds R-Design version of V60 diesel Plug-in Hybrid
Volvo Cars has added an R-Design version of its V60 Plug-in...

Reducing Black Carbon Emissions from Diesel Vehicles
Impacts, Control Strategies, and Cost-Benefit Analysis A new...

Press roundup, March 2014
ClimateWire 31-Mar IPCC report cites risks...

[Press release] Cutting NOx emissions from ships: Feasibility of IMO Tier III implementation using SCR
For immediate release: 25 March 2014 ICCT study confirms...

[Press release] New ICCT study: Reassessing global potential for energy from biomass
For immediate release: 25 March 2014 Many climate change...

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Show vehicles or all-in: Differing electric vehicle strategies emerge
The discussion at a panel last week on the future of EVs highlighted the different approaches automakers are taking toward rolling out new plug-in electric vehicle models.
Staff Blog
Reading the tea leaves in IMO’s NOx decision
A short summary of the outcome of MEPC-66 on finalizing the effective date for NOx Tier III requirements in Emission Control Areas, and what it means for vessels, NOx emissions, and implementation.
Staff Blog
On the precautionary principle and heavy fuel oil in the Arctic
A spill in the Arctic of similar proportion to the one in the Houston Ship Channel in March would be catastrophic, given the limited response capabilities, the distances involved, and other factors. The time to address that risk is before one happens, not after.
Staff Blog

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