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Real-Driving Emissions test procedure for exhaust gas pollutant emissions of cars and light commercial vehicles in Europe
Provides background information and a detailed overview of the RDE legislation, as well as a discussion of its strengths and areas for improvement.
Policy update
Impact of improved regulation of real-world NOx emissions from diesel passenger cars in the EU, 2015−2030
Examines the potential impact of the EU’s real-driving emissions regulation and ICCT’s proposed modifications on real-world emission factors of new diesel cars and projected passenger car fleet NOX emissions in the EU through...
White paper
Assessing real-world CO2 emissions using simulation and PEMS data
A feasibility study of evaluating real-world CO2 emissions from light duty vehicles using generic simulation models, as a means of extending on-road testing to also cover fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.
Consultant report

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