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Oscar Delgado
Senior Researcher
Jan Dornoff
Vehicle Emissions Senior Researcher
Cristiano Façanha
Roadmap, Green Freight and Brazil Lead
Jen Fela
Managing Editor
Brandon Graver
Aviation Researcher
Dale Hall
Program Associate, Electric Vehicles
Hui He
Senior Policy Analyst / China Lead

From the ICCT Blogs

Italy’s car market needs to make a U-turn
Between minuscule electric vehicle (EV) sales, growing diesel shares, and Italian carmakers’ struggle to curb carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions, there is no doubt that Italy is heading in the wrong direction, but it’s not too late for a U-turn.
Staff Blog
Why (Run on) Less is more…
Run on Less is more evidence that cost-effective, high-efficiency trucks are on the road today and only getting better.
Staff Blog
Will the future RDE regulation be enough to restore trust in diesel technology?
The success of the RDE regulation will depend on the will of manufacturers to prove that they have learned a lesson from Dieselgate by beginning to focus on reducing real-world emissions, not just on passing a particular test.
Staff Blog