Press release

Proposed Euro 7 emission limits could prevent over 7,200 deaths in Europe by 2050

The European Commission’s proposed Euro 7 emission limits for gasoline and diesel cars, vans, trucks, and buses aim to reduce air pollution and protect people’s health. A new study by the International Clean Transportation (ICCT) shows that the regulation could avoid 7,200 premature deaths linked to nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions in Europe by 2050. Europe […]


Expert group warns European authorities about excess emissions of diesel cars, including post-Dieselgate vehicles

The CARES research group has sent two open letters to European authorities to warn about excess emissions of diesel car families, including those of models sold under Real Driving Emissions (RDE) tests introduced after the Dieselgate scandal. The open letters include the findings of remote sensing campaigns carried out in Krakow, Milan, Prague, and Brno […]


Decarbonizing trucks: Lifetime emissions make a big difference

In Europe, trucks are mostly powered by diesel. They account for one-quarter of Europe’s road transport emissions. The alternatives are here: electricity and hydrogen. But these vehicles are more carbon intensive than diesel to make, and both energy sources are mostly from fossil fuels. So how do they compare over their lifetime?