Fuels and “Fit for 55”: Identifying sustainability risks and opportunities to increase GHG savings


The European Commission recently released its “Fit for 55” package, which includes proposed targets for renewable fuels in the Renewable Energy Directive (II), as well as a new aviation regulation called ReFuelEU. This webinar will present a brief overview of these proposals and explore how, in their current form and with possible changes, they would incentivize the use of various alternative fuels and renewable electricity in the transport sector in 2030. In addition, the presenters will explain how the results suggest that introducing higher ambition for the transport sector in the RED II revision proposal does not necessarily result in genuinely higher greenhouse gas savings, and how changes to the proposals can lead to greater greenhouse savings at lower cost.

Chelsea Baldino (Researcher)
Stephanie Searle (Fuels Program Director)


Chelsea Baldino