International Green Freight Workshop

Green freight programs and initiatives exist around the world to support industry efforts to optimize energy efficiency, minimize costs, and reduce emissions of their logistics supply chains. The Global Green Freight Action Plan, a multi-stakeholder initiative bringing together over 50 organizations and countries, aims to develop and align green freight efforts worldwide, while incorporating the reduction of short-lived climate pollutants. The Action Plan is centered around effective stakeholder engagement and the development of science- and data-driven analyses to support green freight initiatives. Under the Action Plan, four regional green freight workshops (Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America) were conducted to gather stakeholder input and inform future program development. The International Green Freight Workshop brought all their lessons together to provide a platform for future green freight action.

The International Green Freight Workshop aimed to:

  • Provide an overview of green freight programs and initiatives and examine what is needed to expand and harmonize these worldwide;
  • Understand existing efforts by leading companies and what steps are needed to take this to scale; and
  • Explore new opportunities for industry and government to work together in the sector-wide implementation of concrete actions.