Decarbonizing the US domestic fleet: The future of the Jones Act

Wednesday, June 21st at 2:00 pm EST

This webinar features maritime decarbonization experts discussing the unique opportunity the US has regarding a part of its domestic fleet, the Jones Act ships, and their future in zero-emission shipping.


Elise Sturrup, ICCT – Decarbonizing the US domestic fleet: The future of the Jones Act

Elise Sturrup is a Researcher on the ICCT Marine Program team. She supports research on zero-emission vessel alternatives and addresses impacts on marine protected areas from shipping activity. Her focus is the United States and Canada, looking into the unique opportunities these countries have regarding maritime shipping and a hydrogen economy. Elise’s research includes green corridor feasibility, hydrogen-based fuels for maritime, shipping efficiency measures, and water pollution caused by ships.

Jonathan Lewis, Clean Air Task Force (CATF) – The relationship between Jones Act vessels and regional clean hydrogen hubs

Jonathan Lewis is the Director of Transportation Decarbonization for Clean Air Task Force. To address climate change, he works with companies, governments, and citizen groups on state, national, and international initiatives. Much of Jonathan’s work focuses on fuels: he leads CATF’s effort to bring about a fully decarbonized global transportation sector by the midcentury, and he works with the Advanced Energy Systems Program to promote the development of zero-carbon fuels for transportation, power generation, and industry.

Madeline Rose, Pacific Environment (PE) Domestic Green Corridors: California’s Role in a West Coast Corridor

Madeline Rose leads Pacific Environment’s climate campaign, directing strategies to end industrial, transportation, and port pollution, with an initial focus on zero-emission shipping. She brings over 10 years of crisis mitigation and management, global campaign management, and public policy design to Pacific Environment. An accomplished public policy professional and global strategist, Madeline joined Pacific Environment after a decade of service in the humanitarian sector where she built and led local-to-global campaigns to reduce global levels of violence and alleviate human suffering.

Elise Sturrup