Policy Experts

ICCT researchers and policy analysts available to answer media inquiries are listed below. A full staff list is available, or send a general press inquiry.


Drew Kodjak

Executive Director

Strategies; tracking progress; electrification; U.S. policy; global

Rachel Muncrief

Deputy Director

Strategies; tracking progress; heavy vehicles; freight; global

Carmen Araujo

Brazil Managing Director

Brazil; heavy vehicles; light vehicles; fuel policy; clean air; health impacts

Hui He

China Regional Director

China; light vehicles; zero-emission vehicles; freight

Ray Minjares

Program Director

Heavy vehicles; clean air; electrification; fleets; global

Peter Mock

Europe Managing Director / Regional Lead

Europe; strategies; zero-emission vehicles; light vehicles

Dan Rutherford

Program Director / Regional Lead

Aviation; maritime shipping; alternative fuels; global; Japan

Stephanie Searle

Program Director / Regional Lead

Fuels; United States; alternative fuels; life-cycle analyses; electrification; global

Bryan Comer

Program Lead

Maritime shipping; Arctic shipping; emissions inventories; global

Tim Dallmann

Program Lead

Testing & compliance; remote sensing

Oscar Delgado

Center Manager / Regional Lead

Fleets; heavy vehicles; vehicle efficiency; zero-emission vehicles; batteries and fuel cells

Joshua Miller

Center Manager

Emissions modeling; GHG emissions; clean air; health impacts; global; strategies; tracking progress