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ICCT Announces New Board Chair: Anthony Eggert Takes the Helm

ICCT Announces New Board Chair: Anthony Eggert Takes the Helm

(27 November 2023) Washington, DC – The International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) is pleased to announce a change in the leadership of its Board of Directors. Anthony Eggert, a dedicated Member of the Board since 2021, has assumed the role of Board Chair, effective this month.

Anthony Eggert brings a wealth of experience in clean transportation across the public, private, and academic sectors. He currently serves as a Senior Director at ClimateWorks Foundation, where he has overseen the Road Transport program for the past 9 years. His previous roles include Founding Director of the UC Davis Policy Institute, Senior Advisor to the Chair of the California Air Resources Board, Commissioner of the California Energy Commission, and Deputy Secretary of the California Environmental Protection Agency. Anthony first began his career as an automotive engineer and program manager at Ford Motor Company.

The ICCT community has witnessed Eggert’s unwavering commitment to the organization’s mission – providing exceptional, objective, and timely research and analysis to environmental regulators.

Anand Gopal will continue to serve as the Board’s Vice-Chair.

The ICCT also extends its deepest appreciation to Margo Oge, who has been a dedicated Member of the Board since 2014 and served as Board Chair since 2020. Margo’s vision and commitment have driven the ICCT’s unparalleled growth and success. She will continue to play a vital role in the organization as Board Chair Emeritus, offering her unparalleled expertise.

The ICCT expresses gratitude to Anthony, Margo, Anand, and all Board Members and Advisors for their contributions and guidance in pursuing a cleaner and more sustainable transportation future.