Press release

ICCT is honored to receive 2017 CCAC award for Transformative Action

Washington DC, 12 November 2017 — The International Council on Clean Transportation is honored to receive the 2017 Climate and Clean Air Award for Transformative Action from the Climate and Clean Air Coalition.

The award was conferred in recognition of ICCT’s “initiative to conduct checks of real-world emissions of diesel cars in the United States [which] uncovered a global scheme by Volkswagen to deliberately avoid motor vehicle standards.”

Drew Kodjak, ICCT’s Executive Director, said: “We’re extremely pleased to receive this award. Events since the Dieselgate scandal first broke have revealed that the problem of excess emissions is far wider than we knew, and highlighted the need for government oversight to make sure that clean air policies are effective in practice. Governments around the world are beginning to step up, and we’re very proud of ICCT’s role in bringing that needed change about.”

“We’re particularly proud to receive this recognition from the Climate and Clean Air Coalition. It’s been ICCT’s privilege to collaborate with the CCAC in its exceptional work on heavy diesel engines and black carbon. The Coalition has become a leader in the international effort to make crucial headway in the short term on both climate policy and the air-quality problems that plague so many regions.”