Beijing, China


Yan Peng

Ms. Peng Yan is the Communications Associate at the ICCT Beijing Office, where she is responsible for the daily operations of the ICCT China official website and WeChat account, as well as developing and implementing local branding strategies. Before joining ICCT, she interned at the Bayer Communications Department, where she contributed to event planning and […]

He Huang

HeĀ is an Aviation Associate Researcher currently based in the Beijing office. His works focus on the airport, aircraft fuel, air pollution, and climate impact of aviation. He is doing special research feeding into China’s aviation policy window. He holds a M.S. in Atmospheric and Oceanic Science from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

Eyal Li

Eyal is a Fellow in the Berlin office.

Ruichen Ma

Ruichen is an Intern in the Beijing office.

Junheng Yan

Junheng is an Intern in the Beijing office

Geyi Zhu

Geyi Zhu is a Research Intern assisting Heavy-Duty Vehicle & Intermodal program in Beijing Office under the guidance of Researcher Tianlin Niu. She is a senior student in Diplomacy in Beijing Foreign Studies University, and will get a dual bachelor degree of International Governance and Pubic Policy from Keele University.

Zhixin Cui

Zhixin Cui is an EV intern in ICCT’s Beijing office. Zhixin is now a senior student majoring in English at Nankai University.

Yuezhang He

Yuezhang is an Intern in the Beijing office.

Huafei Shi

Huafei is an Intern in the Beijing office. She is a senior student studying international politics, international organizations, and international public policy in Peking University, Beijing, China.

Yini Liu

Yini Liu is an Intern on the China team. Under the guidance of researcher Hongyang Cui, she conducts technical research and quantitative analysis, visualizes static and dynamic data of electric vehicle and explored the status quo and planning strategy of charging infrastructure development in Hainan Province, China. She is committed to using her expertise to […]