Jakarta, Indonesia


Jeanly Syahputri

Jeanly Syahputri joined the ICCT in October 2023 as an Associate Researcher Consultant based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Her work focuses on heavy-duty vehicle electrification strategy development in Indonesia and ASEAN, as well as charging infrastructure improvement in Bali. Prior to joining the ICCT, Jeanly worked with the World Resources Institute Indonesia, where she contributed to […]

Aditya Mahalana

Aditya Mahalana joined the ICCT in February 2020 as a research consultant based in Jakarta, Indonesia. He is now also a co-cluster coordinator for the EV Batteries and Cost Parity cluster. His work includes electrification strategy development in Indonesia, fuel efficiency in Vietnam, soot-free work for ASEAN, and remote sensing testing in Jakarta. His work […]

Tenny Kristiana

Tenny Kristiana is an Associate Researcher with the ICCT’s Fuels program. Her work focuses on biofuel and palm oil in Indonesia. She is also a member of the Pacific Forum Young Leaders Program. Before joining the ICCT, she worked for MRT Jakarta and Shell Indonesia. Tenny holds an M.A. in International Relations from Waseda University, […]