San Francisco, CA


Gonca Seber

Gonca is a Researcher on ICCT’s Fuels team. Her research focuses on the life cycle assessment of alternative fuels. Prior to joining the ICCT, Gonca was a postdoctoral researcher in the Environmental Economics Research Group at Hasselt University in Belgium, where she worked on the LCA of sustainable aviation fuels and contributed to ICAO’s development […]

Jessica Peyton

Jessica is the Associate Communications Specialist for the US and Canada. She supports the development and implementation of communications strategy and outreach activities such as media engagement, webinars, social media campaigns, and newsletters. Previously, Jessica worked on the public engagement team at SPUR, a non-profit public policy think tank in San Francisco, organizing public programs […]

Tomás Francisco Husted

Tomás joined ICCT in November 2023. He was previously an analyst in African affairs at the Congressional Research Service, where he covered coastal West and Central Africa, and a grants and development fellow with the International Rescue Committee in Sierra Leone. He holds an MA from George Washington University’s Elliott School of International Affairs and […]

Anish Kumar Sinha

Anish Kumar Sinha is an Associate Researcher for ICCT’s Heavy-Duty Vehicles program in the US. At ICCT, his research focuses on Total Cost of Ownership and cost-effectiveness of charging and battery technologies. Prior to joining ICCT, Anish was a Product and Business Development Manager at ReJoule, a battery health diagnostics startup in Los Angeles where […]

Hae Jeong Cho

Hae Jeong Cho is an Associate Researcher on the Marine Team based in San Francisco, CA. Her work focuses on supporting green shipping corridors, decarbonization of ports operation in the U.S. west coast, and zero-emission shipbuilding in Asia. Prior to joining the ICCT, she worked at the Export-Import Bank of Korea and provided ship finance […]

Andy Navarrete

Andy Navarrete is a Researcher on the Fuels team and is based in the San Francisco office. His work focuses on exploring how policy can enable the replacement of fossil fuels with sustainable alternatives in difficult to decarbonize transportation sectors. Prior to joining the ICCT, Andy was a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Southern […]

Jonathan Benoit

Jonny is a Model Developer with the Modeling center. His current work involves upgrading ICCT’s on-road emissions and health impacts models as well as conducting applied research on the impacts of vehicles on human health. Jonny earned an Sc.B. in Geophysics from Brown University where he focused on geospatial analysis and climate modeling.

Phuong Nguyen

Phuong is the ICCT’s HR coordinator and supports the HR team in the areas of full-cycle recruitment, data management, HR compliance, benefits administration support, and more.

Melissa Rodriguez

Melissa joined ICCT in December 2022 as the Administrative Coordinator for the San Francisco office. Melissa brings over 6 years of nonprofit administrative experience having worked at various behavioral health and public education based organizations. A California native, Melissa graduated from San Francisco State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology.

Kelli Pennington

Kelli Pennington has spent more than 10 years focusing on climate communications with experience spanning the research, conservation, and media sectors. She joined the ICCT as the communications manager excited to help drive the global transportation sector toward zero emissions. She credits her climate conscience to her years working for Patagonia Inc., where she worked […]