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For Canada’s Clean Fuel Standard, not all wood is good

Although the solid fuel pool is expected to be the smallest contributor to the proposed Clean Fuels Standard’s broader target, its implementation could have a substantial effect on the climate impact of the program overall.

Can India Leapfrog First-Generation Biofuels?

India’s biofuel policy update discourages food-based fuels, focusing instead on increasing production of second-generation biofuels made from wastes and inedible energy crops.

What’s the real impact of indirect land-use change?

Rather than stifling the biofuels industry as a whole, ILUC factors encourage both the development of innovative technologies to reduce direct emissions and the transition to second-generation feedstocks that have smaller indirect effects.

Petroleum life-cycle emissions—did we forget something?

Some biofuels proponents argue that if regulations factor indirect land-use change into estimates of biofuel carbon intensity, they should also estimate indirect carbon emissions from petroleum. It’s not a persuasive argument.