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Biden wants all new commercial trucks to go electric by 2040

By signing the Global MOU and committing to 100% ZEV truck sales in 204 the Biden Administration sends an important signal at a key moment. It will shape EPA’s ambition for the Phase III GHG standard, and changes the game globally as well.

Put soot-free transport in your NDC

Soot-free transport will deliver black carbon reductions, which can help achieve the near-term cooling needed to meet a 1.5˚ C target. Climate negotiators in Poland this week ought to bring it into their climate action strategies.

Mexico City commits to a soot-free urban bus fleet

For any city wanting to reduce air pollution from vehicle emissions, buses are an obvious place to start. Mexico City has requested our support, and we will be developing a joint workplan, to kick off with a public workshop in September.

Should Delhi ban diesels?

The health evidence on diesels justifies actions that extend restrictions on diesels until they are cleaner. The court should consider a new tax scheme on diesels to pay for their health damages or implement a restriction similar to German law, which permits only BS VI engines.