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Which automakers are keeping the ZEV momentum strong?

This blog discusses top automakers’ progress in setting zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) targets through September 2023, highlights notable commitments, and compares their ambition across different regions.

Fair fares for the climate

Airlines already have the pricing strategies they need to help fund net-zero targets in an equitable way.

Would a frequent flying tax be progressive?

In September 2022, we published a proposal for using a global frequent flying levy (FFL) to cover the estimated abatement cost of commercial aviation. Now we investigate whether this solution is progressive or regressive.

The G7 gets serious about decarbonizing road transportation

With everything else going on, you might have missed that the G7 ministers of climate, energy, and environment met in late May in Berlin and issued what is arguably the group’s strongest statement to date. The 39-page communiqué didn’t shy away from difficult questions. The ministers took strong stances on a range of topics bearing […]

Flying on the Grid

Argues that unless alternative aviation fuels are produced using additional and renewable electricity, their use will not necessarily decarbonize aviation and could actually increase aviation’s GHG emissions.