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No, EPA’s new emissions standards don’t ban gas cars

The United States’ new emissions standards for light-duty vehicles does not mandate electric vehicles as the solution for cutting emissions, but it does lead to expanded consumer choice by bringing more advanced gasoline, hybrid, and plug-in electric vehicle technologies to market.

Scrub-less in Seattle, but not yet in Tacoma

Ports in Seattle and Tacoma could become leaders in the transition to zero-emission technologies by combining progressive environmental policy with their existing supply of low-carbon electricity.

ships in harbor at Port of Tacoma

The Deadliest Catch: Scrubber washwater discharge in ASEAN fishing grounds

Scrubbers, a newly popular technology that greatly reduces pollution from ship exhaust, have a serious downside: the pollutants they capture are typically disposed of in ocean waters. In essence, they convert air pollution to water pollution. This blog examines the impact of “washwater” discharged by ships in southeast Asia, a region rich in fishing grounds, and makes recommendations for reforming the practice.