Request for proposals

Request for Proposals: Air Quality Modeling Inputs to Rapid Health Impact Assessment Tool for Port Emissions


This request for proposals (RFP) seeks an experienced consulting group or individual with expertise in atmospheric chemistry and air quality modeling, urban- and regional-scale air pollution exposure assessment, and generalized exposure metrics (e.g. intake fractions). The proposed project seeks to design a set of factors for use in a rapid health impact assessment tool for ports in developing countries. The overall deliverable from this project will be high-quality technical report that lays out the model details, results, and possible areas for future research.

Download the RFP here.


Proposals can be up to $14,000 USD.


Deadline for proposals is June 10, 2015. 


To receive updates to this RFP or other announcements, or for questions, contact Sarah Chambliss (415-202-5745). See the RFP for full guidelines on submitting proposals. Any requests for clarification or expectations on RFP requirements must be received no later than 5 pm on June 8, 2015 to guarantee a response or consideration.

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