Press statement

Studies for the Implementation of an Emissions Control Area (ECA) in the North-East Atlantic Ocean are already being developed by Portugal with the support of ICCT

Congratulations to our talented marine team for being selected to lead an official study on the impacts of a proposed Emission Control Area in the adjusted EU countries in the North Atlantic (AtlECA). The research will include analyses of emission reductions, public health impacts, and economic benefits of establishing the AtlECA.

International shipping significantly contributes to sulfur (SOx) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions in the atmosphere, which causes adverse environmental and health effects, such as contributing to premature deaths and disrupting aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. Studies have shown that ECA’s surrounding the continent could lead to significant health benefits for those living in coastal communities. ECA’s have already been established in the North, Baltic, and Mediterranean Seas. This study would suppor the establishment of a new ECA connecting the already established control areas.


Read the full article at DGRM here.

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