Wednesday, June 19 – Saturday, June 22

Québec (Estérel), Canada

Our third iteration of the Transatlantic Transportation Decarbonization Summit will bring together government, industry, and thought leaders to accelerate one of the most important mechanisms for climate change mitigation: the electrification of all on-road vehicles.

This critical decade is speeding ahead, and the transition to zero-emission transportation must accelerate. Major markets across North America and Europe are implementing leading-edge policies and regulations. Yet, critical to global success is strong participation across the Atlantic. With input from six key government advisors, California, Canada, Germany, the European Commission, the United Kingdom, and the United States, we are staging an event to nurture deep conversation, relationship building, and ultimately problem-solving collaborations.

Hosted by the International Council on Clean Transportation, TTDS24 will take place at Estérel Resort in Quebec from Wednesday, June 19th, through Saturday, June 22nd.

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Estérel Resort
Quebec (Estérel), Canada

103 kilometers northwest of Montreal.
20-minute drive from Saint-Sauveur.


Survey of the Transatlantic: Regulatory landscape in major markets

A high-level outlook on electrifying the transport sector, its challenges and ways ahead, with an annual update on recent policies from both sides of the Atlantic.

Progress in critical mineral supply chains

A look at major producer countries and investments in mining and refining capacity for minerals key to the EV transition. How are both sustainability and human rights being addressed? And, more than a year after being finalized, what are the impacts of the IRA and Green Deal on the ground, and what can the Transatlantic countries do to support them?

Back to building better: Charging infrastructure planning for zero-emission trucks

What are the technology options, the business models, and the policy solutions to supply the electricity required for charging the growing zero-emission truck and bus fleet?

Zero in on low-emission zones

Lessons learned from a mixture of success stories and resistance to change that we can use to zero out transportation air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions in cities on both sides of the Atlantic.

The role of EVs in climate-friendly cities

Electric vehicles can help cities meet their climate and clean air targets but can be in tension with other priorities. What actions can cities take to support EVs while encouraging diverse mobility options and reducing car dependence?

Supporting jobs in the EV ecosystem

A discussion on how the electrification transition can fold in job growth. How can we maximize employment benefits throughout the supply chain, from batteries to chargers?

In it for the long-haul: How to decarbonize trucking

Amid all the potential options for eliminating carbon emissions from long-haul trucking – batteries, fuel cells, hydrogen combustion engines – which will stick, and how do we plan in the face of uncertainty?

Green upstream: Decarbonizing steel

An overview of how to clean up steel and a discussion on what automakers can do to decarbonize the materials they use in manufacturing.

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