Amit Bhatt

Amit Bhatt is the ICCT’s Managing Director for India. He is based in New Delhi and has over 20 years of experience in transportation, urban development, and management. Before joining ICCT, Amit was Executive Director for Integrated Transport at WRI India for 12 years. Prior to the World Resources Institute he worked with the Urban Mass […]

Nikita Pavlenko

Nik Pavlenko is ICCT’s Fuels team lead. Mr. Pavlenko’s work is focused on the techno-economics and climate implications of alternative fuels, as well as the policy interventions necessary to support the commercialization and deployment of advanced, ultralow-carbon fuels. He has a background in life-cycle assessment and carbon accounting, and has researched the indirect, market-mediated emissions […]

Uwe Tietge

Uwe Tietge leads the Data Management Center at the ICCT. Located in the Berlin office, he works on organization-wide data systems and manages databases on light- and heavy-duty vehicles. Before joining the ICCT, Uwe was involved in a number of energy efficiency and carbon auditing projects in the residential sector. Uwe holds an MSc in […]

Oscar Delgado

Oscar Delgado leads ICCT’s Latin America team and manages ICCT’s Commercial Fleets Center. The Fleets Center concentrates expertise, models, and data to support zero-emission technology adoption by commercial fleets. He also co-leads ICCT’s activities in the Zero Emission Bus Rapid-deployment Accelerator (ZEBRA) partnership with C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, which seeks to transform the Latin […]

Zifei Yang

Zifei Yang is the Passenger Vehicles Program Lead at ICCT. Her work is aimed at reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from passenger vehicles on a global scale. Her research focuses on assessing the potential fuel consumption and emissions reductions from light-duty vehicle technologies and identifying global best practices in regards to fuel efficiency […]

Joshua Miller

Joshua Miller joined the ICCT in 2012. As Director of Modeling, Monitoring, and Evaluation, he oversees the development of computer models that are used by researchers across ICCT to project transportation emissions, energy use, air quality and health impacts, and other endpoints, and evaluate the costs and benefits of policy and technology options to improve […]

Zhenying Shao

Zhenying Shao is a Senior Researcher at the ICCT. Her work focuses on reducing criteria pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions from freight activity and off-road equipment. Ms. Shao has served as a principal investigator for exploring emission reduction potentials in China and India. Zhenying holds an M.S. in Transportation Technology and Policy from the University […]

Rachel Muncrief

Rachel Muncrief is a chemical engineer with more than 20 years of experience working to mitigate the health and climate impacts from the transportation sector. Before becoming Acting Executive Director of the International Council on Clean Transportation, Dr. Muncrief held several roles at the ICCT, including Deputy Director and Program Director overseeing ICCT’s Heavy-duty Vehicles […]

Stephanie Searle

As Deputy Director of the ICCT, Stephanie serves as a close partner to the Executive Director in the development and implementation of program strategies to eliminate the climate and health impacts of the transportation sector. She also works to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization’s operations. Stephanie was previously the Program Director overseeing […]

Benjamin Sharpe

Ben Sharpe is Canada’s Regional Lead and is part of the ICCT’s heavy-duty vehicles program. He is currently doing technical analyses to support ongoing policy development for controlling criteria pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions from heavy-duty vehicles. Prior to joining the ICCT, Ben worked as a field engineer for an oilfield services company in Indonesia […]