Mallery Crowe

Mallery is an Associate Researcher in ICCT’s International Partnerships Program, based in the Berlin office. Her work focuses on analyzing real-world emissions data as part of The Real Urban Emissions (TRUE) initiative, to support cities’ efforts to improve air quality and transition to zero-emission transport. Before joining the ICCT, she worked as an Epidemiologist, researching […]

Sophie Ehmsen

Sophie Ehmsen is a Communications Associate at ICCT’s Berlin office, where she supports the development and implementation of communication strategies for ICCT Europe. She is responsible for various outreach activities such as media engagement, social media, newsletters, and webinars. Before joining the ICCT, Sophie worked in communications and fundraising for several international NGOs in Stockholm, […]

Daniel Sitompul

Daniel Sitompul is an engineer with more than two years of research experience. As a Fellow, Daniel works with the ICCT Aviation Team on assessing business jet emissions and contrails. Prior to joining ICCT, he served as a project manager for three years at Telkom Indonesia. He is pursuing a Master’s in Development Engineering at […]

Kirsi Fan

Kirsi Fan is an Associate Researcher on the aviation team based in the Beijing office. She holds a B.S. in Environmental Management and Technology from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and a M.Sc. in Environmental Technology from Imperial College London. Prior to joining ICCT, Kirsi interned at NGOs and sustainability consultancies, where she conducted […]

Luke Cheng

Luke Cheng is the Senior Operations Manager at the ICCT Beijing Office, primarily responsible for operational management, legal compliance, office policies, and team building. Additionally, he supports partner relationship management and project activity implementation. With extensive work experience both domestically and internationally, he has held positions at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the International Institute for […]

Almas Naseem

Almas is a Digital Specialist at ICCT in India, where she supports the team in maximizing the reach and impact of ICCT’s India work through digital outreach and engagement. Previously, she worked as a Communication Associate with the Energy Program at World Resources Institute India. In her 4.5 years of work experience as a Development […]

Gonca Seber

Gonca is a Researcher on ICCT’s Fuels team. Her research focuses on the life cycle assessment of alternative fuels. Prior to joining the ICCT, Gonca was a postdoctoral researcher in the Environmental Economics Research Group at Hasselt University in Belgium, where she worked on the LCA of sustainable aviation fuels and contributed to ICAO’s development […]

Sathvika Ananda

Sathvika is a Research Fellow within the Heavy-duty Vehicles program, with her research focusing primarily on the supply chain and market dynamics of heavy-duty vehicles in Europe. Aspiring to build expertise in supply chain sustainability, Sathvika is set to pursue a Master’s in Sustainability at HEC Paris following her fellowship with the ICCT.

Aravind Harikumar

Aravind is a Researcher based out of ICCT’s New Delhi office. He has about seven years of experience in electric vehicles and public policy. He is currently studying decarbonization of agricultural tractors in India. Before joining ICCT, he worked at the Council on Energy, Environment and Water (CEEW), where he studied economic instruments and behavioral […]

Maricruz Fun Sang Cepeda

Maricruz, a Ph.D. in Ocean Engineering, brings a unique blend of academic expertise and real-world experience. Her background includes both research and hands-on work as an onboard inspector. Resilient, passionate, and multilingual (Portuguese, English, Spanish, and French), she is a highly approachable expert in her field.