Carolina Rodrigues Poupinha

Carolina Rodrigues Poupinha is an Associate Researcher on ICCT’s light duty vehicles program. Her current work aims at estimating the energy consumption and CO2 emissions of light-duty vehicles. Carolina holds a Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Technical University of Lisbon (Portugal), while she has also studied for one year at the KTH Royal […]

Moorthy Nair

Moorthy Nair works as an Associate Researcher at the ICCT in New Delhi, India. He is currently involved in the Low Emission Zone (LEZ) programme for Indian cities at ICCT. His research interests include air quality models and management, health risk assessment, and the economic costs of air pollution. Prior to joining ICCT, he was […]

Sugandha Talwelkar

Sugandha is a Researcher with ICCT India working expressly at the intersection of Energy and Transportation.

Vaibhav Kush

Vaibhav Kush is a Researcher with ICCT’s India team, leading the Low Emission Zones work there. He engages with sub-national administrations to accelerate adoption of Low- and Zero Emission Zones in India. He has been working in the Sustainable Mobility sector since 2016, with expertise in safe systems, policy formulation and stakeholder engagements. Before joining […]

Revathy Pradeep

Revathy Pradeep is a Researcher with ICCT’s India team and works on Zero-emission Vehicles and electric buses. She has been working in the area of urban transport since 2015, with domain expertise in Public transport, Electric mobility and urban transport policy formulation. She actively engages with Delhi Govt regarding public transport projects, including but not […]

Pedro Logiodice

Pedro Logiodice is a LATAM Associate Researcher at the ICCT São Paulo office, contributing in the Zero Emission Bus Rapid-deployment Accelerator (ZEBRA) initiative, which is committed to transforming the Latin American bus market to zero emissions. Before joining ICCT, Pedro specialized in spatial big data analysis at SPTrans, the municipal public transport agency in São […]

Hamilton Steimer

Hamilton Steimer is an Associate Researcher on the Heavy-Duty Vehicles program team. Joining the team in June 2023, he will be supporting a series of projects in the U.S. region focused on freight electrification in “no regret” cities, industrial areas, and freight corridors. Hamilton holds bachelor’s degrees in Political Science and International Affairs from the […]

Jakob Schmidt

Jakob is a Model Developer with the ICCT’s Modeling Center. Since joining in 2022, his work has focused on upgrading and developing tools that enable the analysis of charging infrastructure gaps for light-duty vehicles, as well as the impact of low-emission zones in cities. Jakob holds a B.Sc. in Physics from the Universität Hamburg (Germany) […]

Tom Decker

Tom is an Associate Researcher on the Marine Team based in Washington, DC. His work focuses on decarbonization efforts at U.S. ports and targeting funding opportunities available for port infrastructure improvements. He joined the ICCT after graduating with a B.A. from Oberlin College where he majored in Environmental Studies and minored in Geology.

Ilma Fadhil

Ilma Fadhil is an Associate Researcher based in the DC office. She is currently working under the global passenger vehicle (PV) team supporting various work on electric vehicle (EVs) in major vehicle markets including the EU, China, US and India. Ilma started as a fellow focusing on the impact of electrification on government tax revenue, […]