China vehicle fuel consumption regulation and fiscal policy


The ICCT and the China Automotive Technology and Research Center co-organized a workshop on April 14-15 in Beijing on vehicle fuel consumption regulation and fiscal policies for China.

Hosted by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the workshop convened high-level officials from the State Council, National Development and Reform Committee, Ministry of Finance, State Administration of Taxation, and China Quality Certification Center. Representatives from the China Association of Automobile Industry, China Automotive Engineering Research Institute, and selected auto manufacturers also participated in part of the meeting.


Focusing on on the latest global developments in light and heavy-duty vehicle fuel efficiency and GHG emissions standards and fiscal policies that support energy-saving and GHG emissions reduction goals, the workshop aimed to empower Chinese government to finalize phase III passenger car fuel consumption standards, improve vehicle fiscal policies, and look into future regulatory developments.

The workshop successfully conveyed key messages to the Chinese officials and engaged them in the in-depth discussion on various policy topics. Speakers from the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainability, Transportation and Housing, Oakridge National Lab, International Transport Forum (OECD), International Energy Agency, Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership, German International Corporation (GIZ) and the ICCT presented on topics including vehicle fuel efficiency/GHG regulations and enforcement programs in the US and EU, EU and OECD fiscal incentives to encourage efficiency and low emission vehicles, and experiences with special incentives for advanced technology vehicles.

Hui He