Light-duty vehicle fuel efficiency standard development and technology assessment

China released the 2015 fuel consumption standards for passenger cars in 2010, and is currently finalizing the implementation rule. The China Automotive Technology and Research Center (CATARC) is commissioned by the regulatory agency on vehicle fuel consumption—the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology—to conduct a series of researches to support the next phase passenger car standards (2020). 

CATARC and the ICCT co-organized an invite-only workshop on December 6th in Tianjin, mainly to share each other’s research work related to vehicle efficiency technologies and pathway to achieve the future stringent fuel consumption standards. CATARC introduced its survey on the fuel-saving potentials of a list of vehicle technologies considered by Chinese automakers. Representatives from major Chinese manufacturers and parts suppliers presented their preliminary plans of technology development to meet the 2015–2020 fuel consumption requirements. ICCT introduced the US EPA and the European Union’s approaches to evaluate technology potentials to reduce fuel use and GHG emissions, the associated costs, and ICCT’s work in developing the EU cost curves for compliance.

A selection of materials from the workshop is available through the links below.

Hui He