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ICCT joins EDF, WVU study on methane emissions from HDVs

The ICCT has joined a study, led by the Environment Defense Fund, that seeks to quantify the amount of methane emissions from the operation of natural gas fleet vehicles fueled by compressed or liquefied natural gas. This is one in a series of studies that EDF is conducting to characterize the methane emissions rate throughout the entire natural gas value chain. Other study collaborators include West Virginia University, which will be conducting the sampling and developing a consolidated database and model, as well as fleets, gas suppliers, and OEMs. The study is focused on methane emissions from fueling stations, fueling events, and from the vehicle itself. The ICCT sees this study as an important first step toward a greater practical understanding of exactly how and how much natural gas may help reduce transportation’s climate footprint. It’s crucial in our view to leverage the varying perspectives and expertise of industry, academic, and research organizations.

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