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No, EPA’s new emissions standards don’t ban gas cars

The United States’ new emissions standards for light-duty vehicles does not mandate electric vehicles as the solution for cutting emissions, but it does lead to expanded consumer choice by bringing more advanced gasoline, hybrid, and plug-in electric vehicle technologies to market.

U.S. electric vehicle sales soar into ‘24

 That more than 1 million light-duty electric vehicles were sold in the United States in just the first three quarters of 2023, 58% higher than the same period in 2022, signals a strong positive trend for EV adoption in the country.

U.S. states and cities take responsibility on clean cars

The Trump administration has proposed rolling back the 2025 efficiency and emissions standards. Taking the biggest centralized policy tool off the table has compelled states and cities to fight the rollback and forge ahead with their own clean car policies.

The future of transportation: autonomous and…internal combustion?

A common, comforting assumption about the future of transportation is that it will be autonomous, shared, and electric, which implies that it will offer deep emissions reductions. The problem with assumptions is that they sometimes turn out to be wrong. In this case, governments will have to take steps now to actively ensure such a low-emissions future, for it may not develop on its own.

The next generation of electric vehicles is on the way

Electric vehicle metrics like range and cost are expected to continue to dramatically improve over the next few years as the next-generation technology emerges. In turn, these cost reductions will enable competitive pricing for high-volume mainstream markets.