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China’s chance to further reduce diesel emissions with robust policy “punches”

Doing more to abate emissions from diesel fleets can be one of the most critical missions for China in the next decade. The China Mobile Source Environmental Management Annual Report, published by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE), revealed that on-road vehicles emitted 5.82 Mt of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and 69 kt of particulate […]

vehicle fuel cap black in color labeled with diesel text

Where are India’s electric trucks?

Achieving India’s net-zero goal will require decarbonizing road transport and success requires overcoming some key barriers in the freight sector.

goods carrier trucks lined up on a road in India

LNG trucks: A bridge to nowhere

Analyzes the well-to-wheel greenhouse gas emissions of long-haul trucks running on diesel and liquefied natural gas.

One weird trick to improve airline efficiency – gain belly weight!

Would ICCT’s recent transpacific fuel efficiency ranking change if dedicated freighters were taken into account? Did the rankings incorrectly reward airlines for carrying belly freight when putting that cargo on a dedicated freighter would have saved more fuel overall? The numbers show that, since increasing payload to aircraft’s structural maximum increases the fuel efficiency of each flight, belly freight is indeed one weird trick for improving airline efficiency.

Is there an e-Autobahn in our future?

How will the heavy duty vehicle sector achieve decarbonization in the long term? Perhaps a new technology being developed by Siemens will be part of the answer.